Harry Potter and Imax

I am not much of a movie goer type of person. However, today some friends invited me to watch Harry Potter in Imax. It comes to my knowledge that Imax has only one movie house in the Philippines. It is housed in Mall of Asia.
Though there are some schedules today in the parish, I have asked my secretary yesterday to look for priest for the said schedules because I have committed myself to bring my friends to the said movie. My commitment with my friends was been made before the said schedule arrived. The interment of one of my parishioners of whom have dies last week had booked for the funeral Mass just yesterday as well as the blessing of one of the house here. Luckily, my secretary was able to find priest within the vicariate to fill the gap. Thanks.
After an assurance that the services will be officiated as schedule, we left at around 9:00 and reach Asia Mall minutes before 11:oo. When we arrived at the movie house. I was shocked that all seats are taken for the said time. The available slot will be for 5:00 in the afternoon. I grab the four tickets for the said slot so as not to waste the gasoline and time for coming back for another time.
Since, I seldom go to Mall, Asia Mall is foreign to my eyes, so I decided to roam around while my friends decided to buy something for themselves. Since the parish is looking to a 5,000 watt generator, I tried to look around. There was no generator with the said specification, it is either lower or higher. I thing the 3,500 watt cost 18,000 and the 6,500 watt cost 40,000. Our fund is just 20,000 pesos. The brand of these generators is coleman. Maybe I could find something some other time for 5,000 watt of the amount we have to another store. I hope, I could find it on Raon.
I have also tried to look for a grass cutter. The price is to high just for a simple grass cutter for the lawn in the Patio. There is a 18,500 just for a simple grass cutter.
What I bought was a 5,000 pieces of host and a pack of charcoal in St. Paul.
When time comes for the movie, since, it is my first time, I could not but notice the unpleasant smell of the place. I do not know, what it is but it is surely not good. I thought to myself that I will suffer this for the rest of the three hour period.
Surely, you will notice that imax has a different wide screen from the other movie houses. We were given a an 3-d eye glasses when we enter the movie house. I have read that the movie will have a 30 minute 3-d section. Thar's what a 400 pesos worth to see harry potter on that kind of movie screen. Most of us do not appreciate much because not all films were made in such a way to be 3-day compatible. Not only for the plot but also to the motion of which it is directed. At least, I was been able to experience a 3-d movie.
Some salient points on the Harry Potter movie
1. Some people might be overcome by fear that make them somewhat illogical and even dangerous.
2. Sometimes there are truths that must be worth fighting for even if nobody believes you and even inimical to you.
3.There are battles that must be won against ourselves of which the enemy is more powerful than an outside force.
4. The power of the family relations. Well, this is still strong for us Asians, but to see it on a foreign movie is something different. I hope the westerners will not lose this wonderful treasure.
5. Treachery can come from the one you love most.
6. Free will is more powerful than magic.
So far these are the things I could list for the moment as I reflect on the said movie.
Since, it is weekdays, only a handful of children came to watch it, the rest came from young adult to adult bracket.