Thursday, July 19, 2007


The trees within the church and convent yard need some trimmings. It was been since that I have told several people within the parish if they know someone who could assist me on this undertaking but it is only now that somebody have come out for the said job. The tress need to be trimmed because it is already a rainy season. A month ago, water have entered the church and convent because the roof drainage is full of twigs and dry leaves. It has caused much trouble. The difficulty on the construction of the church roof is that it is so stiff. It needs someone who could balance himself with the stiffness of the said roof and still remain to work there to get rid of the trashes.
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  1. hello po fr jessie,

    it's only now that i noticed your dropping -by my site. i wish to acknowlede your visit--that was indeed an honor for me---

    i subscribed po in your feed para lagi ko nadadalaw site nyo--it is so very good one...

    salamat po ulit- pwde din kayo ma add sa contacts ko sa bloglog? if you wont mind po...

    dom lawrence, OSB

  2. Dom,
    The feeling is mutual. Your site is well maintained than mine and it seems that you are far more advanced. It is seldom that I could browse other sites, I am trying to learn from your experiences as well as in maintaining the sites. Thank you for dropping by. Please fell free to comment, there is much I have to learn.