Every fourth thursday of the month is the designated date of our vicarial meeting. As vicar forane it is my duty to facitate the said meeting. It was held in San Antonio Parish, San Antonio Parish, Los Banos, Laguna, the parish of Fr. Villamir. It is supposed to be held in my parish, St. Augustine parish, Bay, Laguna, but because of the rehearsal of some priest for tomorrrow's concert's, it was decided that would be better if it will be held in San Antonio which is also the venue of the concert.

All priests of the vicariate was present. Fr. Joe Segudo, Fr. Wanny Cacao, Fr. Marvi Villamir, Fr. Thor Villacarlos, Fr. Noel Conopio, Fr. Gomer Torres and yours trully. The agenda were:

The ordination of New priest
The ordination of New Deacons
The Letter of the Social Action Center
The 40th Anniversary of the Diocese Charity project for the poor families
The Visit of New Papal nuncio Edwards Adams to the diocese
Priests Christmas party
Fr. Wanny Cacao and the Parish of Immaculate Conceptions
Proposed activity for the bonding of priests of the vicariate.

The copy of the things discussed in this meeting was forwarded to the bishops office by the secretary

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