One year

Exactly, today is my one year stay in this parish, St. AUGUSTINE Parish. Not a single soul of my parishioner have ever noticed and even greeted me or asked me if I have adjusted already on this new assignment. They seem never care. Well, every place has its own personality. I came to realized that this is the personality of this place or maybe they do not care much. Parishioners of other places I was assigned is different, it was the opposite. Maybe, I was just used to them not realizing that this place and its people have other concerns.

It was a relief that there are people from my former parishes that came to join me for a simple supper. They have invited me before to visit them to celebrate the first year of departure but I suggested otherwise to come here instead because tomorrow, i have a fiesta in one of my barrangay. They conceded on my proposal just to accompany me even for some moments during the day.

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