Driver's license renewal

It was been more than five years that i stopped driving and was not been able to renew my license. I decided to renew it today for the main reason that there are some occasion that, John, my companion is could not drive for some reason or another.

We arrived in Pila at at nine in the morning. There is an attendant officer in the front of the building for information. He is giving forms for the drivers' license application or renewal nd directed me to window number 7. Somebody lend me his ballpen, maybe one of the fixer, sensing that I know something about the process, he did not bother me to help me out. But I am thankful because I did not bring one. After that I went to window seven for medical checkup, simply physical checkup and asked me when was the first time I took my drivers' license, I said since 1992. He directed me to take my weight in the weighing scale and I paid one hundred pesos and pointed that i have to go to window B for drug testing. Another two hundred fifty pesos for the drug test. It took me not more than an hour of waiting before I got the result.

After the drug test I find myself waiting in line for the LTO (Land Transportation Office for the signature of the Chief. There was a guard in the entrance of the office room for security and orderly transaction. When the Chief finished checking the papers she signed it and was directed to window I or J. The persons in the window checked the papers but it took some moments because of the queue. After paying the amount in the cashier and the other requirements that ended at about two o'clock in the afternoon.
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