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Joining on line forums can help one widen one's knowledge and horizon. Well, just be sure that you are joining the forum you need for the right information. Philippine Blog society is one of which greatly help me to keep abreast with the right and meaningful informations. There are also spams and we have to be careful of what is the right stuff and the boogey one.

Here is one of the example of which I have learned from the forum. There are a lot of people needed to be help and we have to brace ourselves to help them in whatever we have and can do for them.

"Hi guys. We are maintaining a blog in cooperation with the Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. This non-profit organization helps elevate the quality of public school education through instructional TV programming. Through donations, recipient schools are given educational TV materials such as cable/satellite connection, TV set, and edu tapes (e.g. Sineskwela, ATBP, Hiraya Manawari, etc.)

Please help us spread the word about our blog to fulfill our aim in helping KCFI and thousands of school children.

UA&P Knowledge Channel

Please visit our site regularly because every click counts. If you want to exchange links, just email or tell us by commenting on our posts. THANKS!"

Or you can have some information on some promotion which may help you win some prizes:

Philippine Business
Honda Wave

in the other forum, thanks to the research of the members, i have found out who are the people behind Friendster and such backgrounder which make it easy for me to access because of the forums. Yes, I could also find the said information but we have to beat the time element. Life is too short.

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