Reclaiming Our Priestly Character

This morning I received a letter from a certain Andrew Long From The Maximus group. I believe a media office of The St. Maximilian Kolbe Congregation. Asking me to post here the review of the book entitled "Reclaiming Our Priestly Character". Personally, I have not read the book, but, one of the reviewer is Avery Cadinal Dulles of which some of his books passed through my hands. Here is the letter along with the contact person;

Dear Father Jessie:

We are preparing to enter into the most solemn of weeks—Holy Week! We have hope that we will emerge on Easter Sunday with renewed love and devotion to Christ and His Church. During this busy preparation time of Lent, have you had time to renew your love and devotion to Christ’s church?

Every day, Catholic parish priests juggle an endless series of demands on their time and attention. Do you find yourself getting caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of your priestly vocation? Help is at hand! Learn practical ways to fully live your vocation every day – even when your schedule is full!

In his new book, Reclaiming Our Priestly Character, Father David L. Toups, S.T.D. offers a valuable and thoughtful contribution to the discussion about contemporary priestly life. Father Toups provides a fresh look at the ancient teaching of the graces imparted to priests during Holy Orders, and invites you to examine the relationship between those graces and daily life.

Writing of Reclaiming Our Priestly Character Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., said, “If the priesthood is to be renewed—and it surely must be—the renewal must take the form described by Father Toups.”

As we prepare to celebrate the institution of the priesthood on Holy Thursday, why not give yourself a gift this year? Order Reclaiming Our Priestly Character and be refreshed and renewed!

Help us spread the word about this valuable new resource for priests by posting a review of Reclaiming Our Priestly Character on your blog

Thank you for your ‘yes’ to God!

Andrew Long
The Maximus Group

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