How to Get Married in the Church?

Right after the Mass this morning, I checked my email as usual, one of the email I received is a querry on Church wedding. Here is her Letter:

Good day,

I am a Filiipina, 22 years of age and wanted to marry an American, 33 and divorced, here in Cebu. We want to have a church wedding as soon as possible (June or July 2008, if permitted). I just want to ask some help, please help me, what documents/papers do i need, as well as my husband to be? What do i need to do first? He's still in the states and i need to prepare everything, make everything smooth before he comes here in Philippines.

I know nothing about how to prepare or get married in the church. I don't know what papers to prepare.

I hope to hear from you soon. Your answer will be a lot of help! It'll be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Here is my answer:


If he is divorced, Ask him if he is married in the Catholic Church. If his previous marriage is celebrated in the Catholic Church, he need Church annulment.

Church annulment - If his previous marriage was celebrated in the Catholic Church anywhere in the world and he wants to be married with you in the Catholic Church anywhere in the world, you need this. Let him ask his parish priest to assist him in this matter wherever he is. If his parish priest could not attend with his queries go to the Diocesan Chancery office, they will give him all the necessary requirement for annulment. He need to file a form for this matter which is available only in chancery office. Ask them who is in-charge of annulment cases in marriage tribunal.

Here are the papers needed:

File your intention to the parish office, some parishes requires you to submit papers several weeks or months to the office.

Birth Certificates

Baptismal Certificates

Confirmation Certificates

Marriage license

Pre-Cana Seminars

Canonical Interview

Divorce and Annulment papers

I hope that this marriage is not for convenience only.

Just keep in touch. I have posted your question in my blog,

Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr.
Parish Priest
St. Augustine Parish
Bay, Laguna, Philippines

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