Feast of San Isidro

May 15 is mark as one of the busiest day in the Philippine Catholic Church because it celebrates the feast of San Isidro Labrador(St. Isidore, The laborer, Farmer). Almost all of the towns if not all in the Philippines has a barrio dedicated to him, a remnant of the agricultural situation of the whole archipelago. In my Parish, there are three barrios whose patron saint is San Isidro. Two of these barrios have two chapels. To add it all, there are 5 masses to be celebration in his honor. Fr. Sisoy will celebrate Mass and administer the sacrament of baptism in Brgy. Paciano Rizal and its Sitio, Sipit. Me on the other hand will handle the same sacraments to Brgy. San Isidro and Sto. Domingo and its Sitio, Kabaritan.

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