Wrong Software

It is only now that I realized that Ritchie is using the wrong software for the project I assigned to him. I asked him to make a graphic design for the turpuline as a part of the preparation for the Fiesta of the Patron Saint, St. Augustine. Yah, He make it but not on the software I asked him to do. Maybe because he is more use on the adobe page maker than the photoshop. It was only when he asked me to check it out, it was only then that I found out that he was using the pagemaker rather than the photoshop. I asked him before to install the photoshop on the other computer so that he could start working. He did not even installed it. I believe that he do not know the different usage of the said programs. I told him that his work is only good for stampita or stamps not for turpuline.

Every Friday afternoon, I scheduled as a confession time for Licean students that usually lasted for two hours for the whole section. Today it lasted for one hour and fortyfive minutes I was exhausted.

The agent of carpet which sis. Zeny called out also came to measure the whole of the altar for the said installation of carpet. The agent also give us samples of the said carpet and give some suggestions concerning its installation. The cheapest will require us to raised an amount not lower than fifty thousand pesos (p 50,000.00) and the most expensive one not less than one hundred seventy five pesos (P 175,000.00) and the middle price will rage at one hundred ten thousand pesos (P 110,000.00). The exact amount will be emailed us after sometime. I want the altar to be carpeted because the marble is no longer appealing. The other reason is that the marble installed is not matched on all sides. Maybe it was the one of the flaw when it was reconstructed some time ago.

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