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It was been a long time that I suggest to the diocesan hierarchy on making a website of the Diocese. They are always telling me that there is already on the making. So Idid not bother for quite sometime. But when people are asking me through emails of some information of the present assignments of priests within the diocese, it gave me not only a second thoughts, but a lot of thoughts. Official sites should come from those of whom authority were given.

I decided to pursue the idea even if they do not give me a free hand ont his matter. Since, it is explicit of the need of the site though it is not implied that I will make it. I am taking the liberty of making one. That's the reason that I put the "unofficial" sign in the description of the site. I do not know their intention, however, it is clear to me that I have to make some move concerning this matter for the sake of information and access. If, however, they reprimand me on this matter, I will be obliged to take it down.

I have rechecked the search engine if there is any site that they claim have been made but from out of 410, 000 pages from the google search and 61,000 of yahoo search i did not find any except from what is posted on cbcponline, Msgr. Joe Barrion's sites posted last Jubilee year 2000 on Jubilee Churches of Laguna here in the Philippines and the most of the rest is what I have posted before I was assigned to a far flung parish who does not have an internet access.

Now that I am assigned to a parish of which internet is readily available, I would like to make the best of it. And I want that the Diocese could be more accessible in having information readily available in the internet.

This is my introduction when I opened the San Pablo site in However, I seldom work on the site because it loads slower. With some reflection, I decided to move it here to save me some time.

As we celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary, I dedicate this blog in her honor. Happy Birthday!!! Mama Mary. In your motherly protection, help me.
Practically, writing blogs neede also somt time management and easyness for the blogger beside thingking what content is to be written, the presentation and the friendliness of the platform is to be noted. Much will be appreciated if there is enough room for imprrovement for own domain name but of course, it will add additonal time and expenses. let us just be content for the moment to house it to a free site like blogger. for how long? It depends entirely to the generosity of the donor.

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