Announcement: New Blog, Catholic quotation

Finding some good quotation, catholic quotations enliven me to post it to the internet. For what reasons? Though there are others who posted such quotation in the internet in a way that cannot be search individualy by topic, so I decided to make my own and with my own styles  from which I believe can also be helpful for others to be uplifted and be inspired by the words of the saints and people from different generations who have lived their lives as trully catholics. Their examples may be a also a force to transmit the message of Christ's salvific activity. 

this is my collections as we go along with this life. Surely, there are a lot of others that might no be inscribe here, but I will try my best to post as many as I could. These are quotation which I myself adhere based on my perception of the words spoken by the holy men and women.

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