Photosnack can let you upload more than one thousand photos

Slideshow that can hold of more than one thousand pictures? Looking at the Internet, my first choice was
Picassa web or Blogger, both are of the same company. However, it can only hold one thousand pictures regardless of its pixels.
Next was Kizoa, but the same also applies, it cannot hold a thousand pictures.

Tried also Photo Peace but failed.
Slidely or offers slideshow from your social media like facebook, instagram, google images, Flickr, Picassa or from your computer but only for ninety images.

Roxio Photoshow does not also allows more than the said amount and it has an expiration for a month only. After that you have to pay for a minimum of 3.33 dollars a month.
Trip Advisor allows you to use only twenty images per slideshow.

Animoto can only allow you thirty seconds of free video. That is maximum only of six pictures.
Pico Vico does not allow a big number of images to be uploaded also, allows you to make a slideshow only for 8 images

Flixtime does not also allows you of uploading more photos in making slideshow. The Maximum is fifteen and you have to pay for the additional photos.

It is only Photosnack that I was able to find out that can download more than one thousand images and make it as a slideshow. I have a total of 1769 images for the Bible verse. However I cannot download it and put it in Youtube.