Which one load first?

Embedded from Facebook Album


Everyday you can discover a lot of things even in the internet, the knowledge database is so immense. It is only up to you and to your needs if ever you will be of use to you. Discovering the capability of a Facebook image post that can be embedded in your website or blog site. The question now is not on it capabilities but what does it offer new to the existing capability of making an image to be directly on your blog site. One thing is for sure is to save space. This problem  will not be a problem today as five years ago. Most of the sites now have upgraded their storage capacity. gladly, it will save you time on uploading the same file in another site but if it is already uploaded in Facebook from which you can upload your images up to one thousand images in one album at most and there is enough space for unlimited albums in your original resolution.. What you have to do is to embed the code to your website. As you can see, If have put both, one from the Facebook and one uploaded. Look which one is immediately loaded. Is there any difference in resolution?