Mirabili Dictu International Catholic Film Festival

Have you heard of the Mirabili Dictu International Catholic Film Festival? It is my first time to encounter such film festival, some sectors dubbed it as Catholic Oscar.

Mirabili Dictu means something wonderful to tell or wonderful to relate  in Latin. This International Film Festival is independent, conceived and created by Liana Marabini, a writer, producer, publisher and film maker. The festival was founded in 2010 under the high patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and aims to show the Church from a new perspective: glamourous and traditional at the same time. It  is also privileged place of encounter for actors, directors and film makers, gathered by the concern they may have for the history and the values of the Church.

Since it was the first time that i have heard of it, i have also taken the  entries who won from the previous years:

2010 - Desobeir
         - The Butterfly Circus
         - Janey Marey
         - Veilleurs dans la nuit
2011 - Duns Scoto
         - La última cima
         - Kavi
         - Marcelino pan y vino

2012 - On the Road to Tel Aviv
         - Cercando le 7 chiavi di Antonio Gaudí
         - The War of the Vendée
         - For Greater Glory
         - Inmaculada Hoces 
         - Hay mucha gente buena
         - Robert Hossein (France)

2013 -  Noelle
         - 7 ans de conviction
         - Pour l’amour de l’Amour
         - In Her Footsteps
         - Marie-Christine Barrault, France

Though not all films are for English speaking viewers, I hope that they have English captions. I wish also to see them in my spare time. It is also noteworthy to know that the Catholic Church has developed its sence to professionalized Catholic themed film making. Students and teachers may also use these materials for further growth.

The 2014 Mirabili Dictu International Film Festival have already started this 20th of this month and will end this coming Tuesday. I will post the outcome later on.