Problem with

From my past video files saved in You Tube through live streaming  in Ustream I have noticed that the video seems like in fast forward mode. I thought it was just a glitch but when I uploaded a video file I have taken through the same camera I find out that the difference was the phase of the video, The save file from the streaming, the Ustream allows video to be saved for some time and can be uploaded to You Tube. The defect is not in You Tube because the video file saved in Ustream is the original one and also defective. If Uploading to You Tube is the problem the original file will be not. But the case is that the Ustream file is already defective.

It was on the month of May when I started writing this but since until now, I cannot really understand, why I am encountering such problem. It could be bandwidth with the free account that make the saved file sounds like a chipmunk. For the moment that I am studying to migrate with other live streaming applications I come up with a more not convenient solutions but at least will achieved what I desired of. If ever there is a clear internet connection, I am encountering interference with internet connection with almost three weeks from now with my PLDT provider, I will record through Ustream using my Samsung Camera and used the saved file from my Sony camera for clear and not a chipmunk voice quality and normal pacing video quality.