Revisiting the First Diocesan Synod

The First Diocesan Synod of San Pablo happened twenty years ago last May 24, 1994.  I am an eight month old priest of the Diocese. I am one of the staff drafted by the Synodal Fathers particularly for documentation purposes. As a young priest a vast information of doctrinal and collated experiences from the survey have an enormous impact on the course of the Synod. From the painstaking effort and long nights without sleep from the delegates and for those involved to level the ground for the seed to be planted and be nourished.

Personally, I thanked the Bishop Buenaventura Famadico for bringing this issue that have stayed in slumber over the years. Bishop Famadico sees that this fruit of labor though been delegated to a small number of representatives is an effort as a whole of the Diocese to assess and give practical suggestions and directives to the flow of pastoral thrust that this Diocese of San Pablo must pursue as we interpret it in the present situation hoping to find out the message of Christ to be heard in the present situation.

There is a Facebook page created to help the faithful to understand the Synod of the Diocese of San Pablo and be able to drive some points that may somehow gear us towards the fulfillment of Christ mandate to bring the Good News to all nations. The Facebook page  is First Diocesan Synod of San Pablo: Revisited after 20 years.