Catholic Bishop Conference of the Phillipines Denies Napoles Request

The Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines cannot stand as guarantor before the civil court. Bishop Socrates Villegas, the present president of the said Conference says that “existing Church laws do not allow an episcopal conference to stand as guarantor before civil courts that the accused will not abscond and will be available at every trial date". This is the response of the CBCP  as the bishops meet on their bi-annual meeting this month on the request sent by Ms. Janet Napoles who was been accused of plunder and graft in the Sandiganbayan for the pork Barrel of the Senators and Congressman amounting to about 10 billion pesos.

There is also no clear cut provisions  under civil law that the CBCP are qualified for such a role as Ms. Napoles would the Conference to assume. 

The CBCP is cautioned on this matter as such that the primary function of the Church will not be siphoned to this endeavor which is the primary role of the state. The Church recognizes the predicament of the accused because of political situation in this country. however it should also be noted that it will be a precedent on the side of the Church to accommodate her and also those who wishes to take them for protective custody. Surely it will  and "we must, to be fair, accept similar requests from all other accused,” if the body will grant Ms. Napoles request. "Not only would this strain CBCP’s resources. It would render impossible the discharge of its principal functions," the CBCP president continues.

The Church believes that the state will protect the safety of Ms. Napoles as the Philippine nation thirst for justice and growth in the political arena. Yes, even to all parties concern. Bishop Villegas is praying for Ms. Napoles for complete healing if he will divulge the whole scam without any preferences and biases, and that includes those lawmakers and public official loyal  and under the political party of President Benigno Aquino III.

As I reflect on this matter, It is to be noted that though the Church specifically the Catholic Church believes that the present condition in the Philippines can still handle the legal needs of Ms. Napoles, that her rights will be respected and can be shielded against any lawbreakers. that her security though threaten can be upheld by the authorities even if she will implicate those in power. Or Maybe the Church does not see a very special case of which her life is in jeopardy or the state cannot fulfill its obligation to protect her from all those who wishes to harm her.

Surely, her spiritual needs is being taken care of the priest assign in Fort Sto. Domingo. I believe that the priest assigned there by the Military Diocese was been given instruction to see to it that along her spiritual life, her safety is also covered.