A wasted aid.

It is disheartening to hear that billions of pesos worth of food wasted in the relief operation for Yolanda victims. Yes billions, billions, billions, more than 2 billions worth of food. For some it may be words but only if we have an actual picture or footage of these food could be of different matter but they have already bulldozed it. Yes, it is hard to respond to disasters and to facilitate the foods or any other materials coming up. I have some experience of it in a very smaller scale in the parish level only. However, it is not also impossible to come up with a plan for the Government  to ask help from the private and religious sectors to facilitate the distribution informing them of all the process needed for documentations. Usually, it is not only the distribution of goods that is difficult here but also the proper papers to whom the food will be distributed. I personally know the load of paper works, I am just lucky in my former parish that there are people who are meticolously supported also in this kind of endeavor. i pray that no more food will go wasted.