Sim card replacement

Since my phone lost last September 30, I will talk more about it later because there are a lot of discoveries and lessons learn, while I am looking for a phone replacement I tried to work out to get a SIM or Subscriber Identity Module card of the same number I had before. The Telephone Company Smart, my mobile provider told me when I visited their office that as prepaid subscriber i can get my old number if they can see the old SIM card. I told them that my phone was stolen, it is still possible for two counts. First, if can found that holder of my old SIM card which contains the number of the SIM card. If this is not possible, the second option is to get an affidavit of loss. if the subscriber is a post paid, it will be easier because they can easily access their database.

At the moment, I am trying to find my SIM card case as time permits. Maybe I have forgotten where I placed it, It was been my number for more than a decade. Next time you buy a SIM card even if it is prepaid, store the card case and it might become handy later on. Though SIM card now are cheap and can easily be replaced but you can still use the old number with the same price just walked in the service centers of any phone providers to request it. The same is also applied for those who will be changing phones using SIM cards from standard SIM size to Micro ones.