Accidents do happen!

Going home from Siniloan, Laguna after attending the concelebrated Mass headed by Bishop Buenaventura Famadico in Honor of St. Paul and St. Peter my tire burst out. it was evening already when cruising the South Luzon Express Way ( SLEX), I heard a sound at the back of the car or I have hit something with my tire, I was in the inner lane. I ask my companion Sem. Paulo Fugaban if he heard about it and if he had something unusual and just uttered none when I Heard that my Flat burst out and I am running flat min the inner lane of the express way. I have to get on the outer lane to fix it but the cars are coming pass through.

Fixing the flat tire comes with difficulty first as it was the first time that i have encountered this problem in SLEX. Coming also to a realization that I have also to master the way to unload the spare tire in Innova. I has a special way in storing it in its compartment. on the same way I need a new car, the car jack is not damage but the accessories that goes along with it to use it is missing. I do not know if I can buy just the accessory alone. So far, i have not found any. I was also hoping that the traffic officer of the SLEX will come to help us out by bringing some tools with them but they only arrive when we are nearly finished. They never ask and even come down from their vehicle to see if we are just doing fine or in need of attention. They did not ask of anything at all. I was just hoping that are they really concern at all to the motorists. Reflecting upon this mishap have ask myself that I did told the officer that there might be some bottles or glass within the vicinity that may had caused the accident.

After the incident, I have reflected that we are really have to be ready at all times, we never know the time and the place. Anything can happen in a split of a second. We have to thank God for every moment that God is given us specially the gift of life and the opportunity to enjoy it.