Redefining Legal Marriage

Last Friday's decision of the Supreme Court of the united States of America have shock the world for the acceptance of the same sex marriage. Joy for those are in line with the acceptance of its legality and disappointment for those who oppose it.

We are in the Philippines, we are not in America, we should not be bothered about it, voices that we may hear from others about it. Or should we be wary because it will greatly affect us because we usually follow the american trend in some aspect of our life, and maybe in general aspect of our life.

life is constantly evolving and we are to be ready to face realities about it including those of whom we are not liking  and even to the wildest imaginations have not visited us at all. Our faith in Jesus have taught us on this as he confront the sinners and the Pharisees.

There are a lot of posts and reaction concerning this matter, however, we have to understand why the supreme court justices have opted to  passed the law on marriage equality or much known as same sex marriage. I was and still looking for the manuscript on this historic decision but I cannot find it in the internet. Maybe I was not looking enough. If somebody could find a ling please post it on comments.

This decision surely has put the Church specially the Catholic Church on a very defensive situation. But on the other hand it will also challenge us to approach the subject with much concern and reflection not only on the matter of the content of our faith on marriage but also on the delivery of the message specially for the youth of today.

The question at hand had put not only the Catholic Church in an awkward manner but also most of the great religions of the world on the fundamentals of married life. Almost all religions and Christian denominations except for some have explicitly condemn the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. How this traditional belief have overturned this belief. How can the Christian philosophy approach this on the matter simply on the ground of equal rights? 

Although the matter speaks only of civil marriage, it has rocked the foundation of marriage in one's aspect of life and poses new question that has legal implications. Let us not speak here on moral basis because it is the language that some may have wrong interpretations, may caution is that since it has been promulgated in a civil and legal ground, we have to fight our battle in the legal and civil ground also though at the back of our head its foundation rest on our faith in Jesus Christ.

As I have said before I need the transcript of the manuscript of the ruling on this matter so that we might truly understand not only the ruling but also the philosophy and the prevailing thought of our time. I am not saying that this prevailing though is the right one but in order to address the matter in its proper perspective and right as a follower of Christ. 

Simply my thoughts.