11th Hour Vigil to the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Blood and Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ Every Thursday

Inspired by the Gospel last Sunday of the double miracles on healing of the woman with hemorrhage
and raising to life of the daughter of Jairus (Mk. 5: 21-43) had moved me to spearhead this vigil to the Holy Eucharist starting 7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm every Thursday.

Since the faith we believed enshrined the God of life and the total abandonment to God's power and wisdom as given by the examples of Jairus pleading for the life of his daughter and the faith of the woman whose faith tells her that a simple touch to the cloak of Jesus is enough.

On the same way, what we need most is not the assurance of God's power over sickness and death because we know that  our God is capable enough to grant us that but most especially to the belief that it will bestow it to us as Jesus gives it to Jairus and to the woman.

The adoration to the Blessed Sacrament was been part of the history of the most of the parishes in the Diocese of San Pablo that waned through the time because there are slots that has no faithful available for the vigil. The enthusiasm however has not been exhausted as it was still been in the heart of the parishioners. I strongly believe that this way it can satisfy that longing and strengthen the faith.

I have chosen Thursday because it is the day given in honor of the patron saint of the Parish, St. Martin de Porres, Patron of the Sick and Father of the Poor. 

It is heart warming that the slots were completed with the short period of time. The persons stated above are those who commit themselves that the vigil will not be interrupted because there is no one to guard the sacred body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The schedule will start at 6:45 in the morning for the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Then at 7:00 the vigil will start. What will they pray? The two individuals who volunteer for the said time will determine together what prayer they will use. They might choose from the existing prayer the Church uses for vigil in the Blessed Sacrament to be prayed together, or they can pray separate prayers to be done in silence or simply being silent or combination of them. It will end at 6:45 pm for the reposition and benediction. At 7:00 pm the regular mass will start.

This endeavor should be noted lies still on the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, if he permits this manner of exercising our faith and fortify it or if He deemed it not worthy, may he show us the way.