Catholic Resources

One of the many projects I have started and was not been able to finish is the Catholic Resources Site. I have forgotten it already, thanks for the widget I created that reminded me of such an unfinished endeavour. The site was totally been useless because I used third party application that wrecked my whole blogspot, neoworks. Neoworks used javascript that messed with my blog.

Because of this long duration of inactivity, I almost forgot my username and password. I have to put some backup options which google provides. Thanks for google for this extra security measure and a way for recover one's important information and work.

Blog post log reminds me that the blogs started October of 2012 until November of the same year. one of the reason for the demise of the attention is the general reshuffle of assignments last January of 2013.

I have to change the template and the layout to get rid of the nuisances no photo clutter of the whole blog. For the moment, I have no time to update it, but at least it is clean,