Children's Sportfest

Every month of May, we have a daily gathering for children as we inculcate our deep faith in our God through our Lord Jesus Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit through prayers and catechism with Mary, Our Lady of Flowers as our companion. In our efforts to involve all the ages in our parish we encourage the participation of our children and youth. We have two seminarians who in this year have help us to guide our little faithful towards a more informed and active participants in our parish. We thank seminarians Christian and Jelmar for giving their time to the children every afternoon during the said month. Our two seminarians from the parish have been helpful ever since, Paolo and Louie. 

We thank all our sponsors for helping us in keeping the children attentive and filled with hope as they listened to the seminarians and children coordinators about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and of holy men and women who followed Him and became our models of faith.