A Response to Lea Salonga on Issue of Marriage Equality or Same Sex Marriage.

Well, to be frank about this issue, I will not personally reply on this issue but I would like to cite here the response which one of our lay evangelizers have well presented on his blog. We have to lay down some background here. The issue comes from the response of the netizens on the tweets that one of the Filipino Artist have tweeted on the Internet that have landed on the headline issue of the CBCP News. On this article, entitled "Netizens react to Broadway star’s ‘cafeteria Christianity’" written by Raymond A. Sebastian of CBCP News last august 12, 2015.

After this article was published, Lea's reply appeared on rappler saying she was misinterpreted. On this part Dr. Quirino Sugon, Jr., the author of the blog Monk's Hobbit have given some detailed though on this matter on defense of traditional marriage. If you have time please read here, the article of Dr. Sugon's  Homosexual ideology as a religion: a response to Lea Salonga.