It was been a year since I firsts encountered Bluestacks to free my smartphone from the game applications that can only be run on smartphones and tablet but can be used in desktops computers. However, it was only recently that I discovered that all smartphones application can also be played in desktops. There are some reserves characteristic inherent to the smartphone application that cannot be seen and applied in the browsers and desktops application but can be accessed with the used of Bluestacks.

Just for example as the Muzy from the There are some accessories present in the smartphone that cannot be used in the desktops but when you run Muzy from the Bluestacks is like running Musy like you are using a smartphone or a tablet but you are in the front of your desktops or laptops. Just be aware that Bluestacks do a lot of caching, so be careful also not to drown your ram memory.

To make it work, download first the Bluestacks from, installed it to your computer, it may be laptop or desktop. After installing it run it and like Apple Store or Google Play download and installed your desired applicatiuons.