Funeral Mass for Melquiades

I presided the celebration of the Mass this afternoon for Melquiades in San Pedro memorial Homes. God give him rest. Fr. Reggie of the Christ the King Parish have some previous commitment. The cemetery belongs to his parish. There is a large crowd gathered around the coffin near the grave. The family requested that the Mass be celebrated there because they reside in Magsaysay. It would be inconvenient for them to come to the parish and be back again in their place of which the cemetery is already adjacent to them. it is also the first time for me to celebrate funeral Mass in the cemetery.

It was the first time that I entered that memorial park. I was looking for the guard to seek direction but I could not found him. I search the whole area until I saw a group of people convening in one area. there I saw the guard, I really do not know if he is guarding the corpse or the crowd. When I finished the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist praying for Mequiades, I saw the guard near the guard house in the entrance gate sleeping.

Let us always be reminded to be awake always against the snares of the devil especially during the working hours.