No More Multiply

So far, It was only yesterday that I found out that has been defunct since May 31, 2013. I have no recollection that it was closing down then. I do not know if there was some announcements before for the service so that I was been able to transfer my files. What I can  remember is that I have posted that since the Yahoo pictures was closing then I decided to transfer them to multiply. The blog was titled as Picture Storage on the year 2008, May. Internet connection was not as fast as of today. It was been a waste of time then that my pictures been stored there without even have the time to retrieve them.

If you will type and go to the site now, what you will see is the commercial site that pointed out to OLX Philippines or Indonesia.
 So, be careful of what site you are using for your storage of files especially the freebies because they come and go and sometimes without any prior notice. Although, it was or is a free site, they should also consider for courtesy to extend some announcements for closure. Sorry, but I cannot really remember any information for multiply before or I was still busy then because it was during that year that giving  of new assignment happens.