51st Eucharistic Congress 2016 Livestream

As the Celebration of the long awaited International Eucharistic Congress to be held here in Cebu, Philippines is near, the convenors have decided to have it open on live streaming so that it could make it available to the most faithful even for those who could not attain there physically for various reason. Personally, I would like to attain but it is 8 day event that will cover two Sundays. I could not find priest to substitute me if I will go. Some people suggested that anybody could just spent three days for the event. It will be an opportunity lost also and a divided attention if you will not be present for the whole event. it will also be a half baked bread. So it is of great news that the event though we might not really know which event or events will be aired is indeed a blessing. 

I will put it also to the sidebars of this blog, and if possible make an application for this sole purpose will also be an added great endeavor.