I am taking down the Feedburner widgets in this blogsite because it is directed towards Feedburner sites. It acts as in between my widget and my blog. The blog will no longer be visited because it is already been directed towards Feedburner. readers will no longer be able to visit my site because the information is already in the Feedburner. It is just alright to maintain that there are linkages with my sites to the Feedburner. However, here in my blogsite, I will just syndicate the Titles without the widget that will take the reader to the Feedburner that contains the copy of my blogs,
Sorry, but the likes of this one will have to go. A lot of webmasters have also been victims of this small mistakes that must be corrected.

Holy Eucharist

Hoping also to unload some scripts that make this site inaccessible immediately to the readers.So far from the changes I already made is a little bit slow on upgrading the system in loading with the laptop and desktops. there is no longer no problem with the mobile friendliness because I have changes the fonts already.