How accurate is Facebook Weather Forecast?

If this weather forecast organic to Facebook? Well, it does not matter really if it is organic or third party entity, the very fact that it was been used in the Facebook network is enough to consider it as a part of Facebook. It could not be used as an alibi if it is a third party entity if there is something wrong. What I am questioning is the weather forecast if it is accurate or not. May I say, it is not now because, it say that it is raining but no it is sunny.

We know that there is a level or percentage of error as we are not all perfect but I doubt if you will accept this kind of level of error. I have not rate how much the level of error on Facebook weather forecast, but this is not the first time. What do you say? how accurate is the Facebook weather forecast? Will you rather look for a more accurate weather forecast software? What will it be for you then?