National Bible Sunday 2006

Homily on the National Bible Week 2006

Every Sunday after the celebration of Sto. Niňo, we celebrates the national Bible Week. God is inviting us to read, reflect, put into action and share the Word of God. God speaks to us in many ways but we must appreciate also the written one – the Sacred Scriptures.

Proclaiming The Good News of salvation is an unending story. Since creation, God constantly proclaim himself in our midst which come into fulfillment in our Lord Jesus Christ.
There are two things, I would like to share.

First, there is a need to intensify our effort to know the Sacred Scriptures. Ussually, I include in the farewell message to the married couples during weddings that they might find the proper guidance in their life by constantly reading, hearing and reflecting the written Word of God. In the beginning of psalms clearly speaks that anyone who follow the law of the Lord –the Bible – is like a tree planted near the streams who is constanly nourished and bear fruits abundantly. We must learn the bible because it will open us to a horizon to understand better our purpose of life. Just as we sung the psalm during the mass because we would like to experience the spirit the psalms would like to impart on us as David sung it .

Second, God continuously calls for people to proclaim the Good News, from Jonah to Simon, Andrew, John and James. Though preaching is primarily the work of the priest, it is not contained to them. Today, lay, were given space to help unburdened this task to spread the Good News of salvation and to safeguard any error. The second Vatican Council encourage the greater participation of the laity.

Let us grab all opportunity to study the Word of God, seminars, bible study, prayer meetings, bibliarasal and other such activities. Be attentive in our celebration of Sunday masses. Every masses, we have the first reading, responsorial psalm, second reading, and the Gospel, the Word of God is spoken to us. If only, we attend the Sunday masses for the three consecutive years is tantamount of reading the whole of the Sacred Scripture. Parents can expose their child through the use of the Bible, teaching them of the proper usage. Reflecting with them by reading a passage or a paragraph.

God is also calling people like Jonahs and Peters of the present life. It does not necesarily follows that it is only for the vocation of priesthood or religious life. Today, more laymen are becoming aware and participating in the proclamation of thr Good News by voluntering on the parish activities such as on ministry of the Word of God. We need more volunters for such endeavour.