Life is full of opportunities and the internet has enhanced it one way or another. Surfing the internet, one day, I encountered websites that are looking for volunteers. I applied to one of them, www.masstimes.org. Bob, the person who replied to my application told me that for ten years of website’s existence, I am the first priest who volunteered for the position.

Well, generally, it is not the primary preoccupation of priests. However, personally, I would like to extend my knowledge beyond my parish work without physically leaving it. (Leaving my parish will surely require a lot of time and resources. I am now assigned to a far-flung area of the province of Laguna, Philippines. A two (2) hour drive is needed to reach the nearest city). I am quite excited in volunteering because it could be one of my barometers on knowing what really my other talents are and how could I relate and respond to the global world. As a parish priest, especially here in the Philippines, nobody really weigh you because they admire you in entering such vocation. There are parishioners who are outspoken and frank but they can be numbered not more than by your fingers

Secondly, my time has come to explore more of other possibilities that before were unattended. A realization that time has passed away so fast and there is much to be done and seeing that what you have contributed is not enough. There is a time to wake up and make up.

So, www.masstimes.org is offering me to write a series of articles but Bob do not know yet the exact idea about it. I am now reflecting on specific subject which will relate effectively to the catholic faithful in the global community.

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