Barrio Santiago, Sta. Maria, Laguna

Barrio Santiago, Santa Maria, Laguna
We went to Barrio Santiago, one of the farthest barrio of Sta. Maria, Laguna, early morning for the first communion of the children there. There are twenty three children who received our Lord Jesus Christ. They are few compared to other barrios but because of their location, it will be difficult to them to come down to the town proper to receive the sacraments. Our catechist are also experiencing difficulties in coming there regularly, so I suggested to them to form parish based catechist specifically to barrios who are far enough to reach them with their current numbers. All of my catechists are volunteered catechists, they are not professionals. However their dedication cannot be questioned.

It was noon when I arrived in the town proper. John who was with me since I arrived here went home two days ago and come back with some friends from Calamba. They were first timers to see this town. We talked as we had our lunch together.

After entertaining the guest, I decided to rearrange the water falls near the convent because a lot of water is wasted. So for three and a half hours, I arrange the fountain and the plants in the surrounding of the convent and the church. We do not have a gardener and my companions here are not keen on gardening though they live in an agricultural lands. It is so sad that people are wasting their times away from productive way of living and be contented with laziness.