Valentines Day

This coming Tuesday we will celebrate Valentines Day. The celebration originated to a name St. Valentine. A catholic priest who lived on the Early Century. During those time Roman foot soldiers were prohibited from marrying. It was seen as a detrimental to the Roman Empire’s campaign then. Along with Christianity it is considered a crime. However, St. Valentine clandestinely married Christian couples including Roman soldiers. It is the pastoral care St. Valentine pours out as an image of God’s love.
On the same way this is the care and tremendous love of the Catholic Bishop’s of the Philippine have in their heart in the current statement from their plenary assembly entitle “Renewing our Public Life through Moral Values”
At last, the Bishops have spoken on issues which haunt the Filipino Catholics. The bishops started with its obligation to guide the faithful on the proper path which requires diligent and prayerful preparation.
The pastoral situation based on the valid observation of the people was focus on four areas, the proliferation of rumors and untruth partisan interest prevailed over the common good and the benefits of economic growth are not sufficiently shared by the poor.
The bishops believe that the root of the crisis is the erosion of moral values. There are three fundamental objectionable errors which contradict the moral Christian values namely; truth became a victim of political partisanship, common good and plight of the poor are blatantly ignored.
Though these violations have grown to a large extent, the bishops applaud those who have not lose hope and became heroic citizens to defend moral values.
There are two main solutions, proposed by the bishop. First those directed on socio-political context, a renewal of the social order and public life which has 4 important points of action; the search for truths relentlessly pursued by all sectors, agencies should work for the restoration of confidence and trust especially on public sectors, the 2007 election should not be cancelled because it is the voice of the people and work for the amendments of the constitution and not charter change.
The second proposed solution centers on the transformation of cultural values and structures. There are six main agenda to be pursued, systematization of programs of the seven of nine priorities detailed by the National Pastoral Plan which are: integral renewal of the clergy and religious and our journeying with the youth; secondly the continuation of the formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities; enhancement of the spirituality of the public service: networking of citizen’s group; 2006 as the “Social Concerns Year” and prayer and penance.
Renewing the Political Culture and Public life for the common good is the best valentine gift that we could give to our fellow men.