A child hose one of her parent is an Overseas Filipino Workers of which we are praying for today as a part of the celebration of the Catholic Church in honor of the migrants who were "forced" to leave the country, their families and love one to go abroad so that they have food in the table. It is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of Lent. For our Filipinos working abroad may you have the strength to fight against all temptation as Jesus Christ have triumphantly succeeded. For information for the government agencies of which migrants may need to access please try
Knights of the Altar of the parish. Many of them are nameless for me. I have difficulty of memorizing name. A sign of old age?
A seminarian of the diocese who is formerly from the parish of San Isidro, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines who is now residing here in the parish serves during the 10:00 oclock mass in the parish. With him is one of the lay ministers of the Holy Communion.
A seminarian from Bay, now a graduating theologian student in SVD tagaytay City. Formerly under the diocese of San Pablo, however decided to tranfer to one of the dioceses of Palawan because he wants more challenge. This does not mean that there is no challenge in this diocese, it depends on one's personality and aspiration in life. It is only certain that it is his choice from which he believes he could serve God more. A decision I have to respect.
Couples who are celebrating their wedding anniversary invited me for breakfast after our Mass
Every Sunday at 8:30 in the morning I say mass in one of the barrios, today it was Sto. Dominggo. There is a large community there. Couples for Christ is the choir who accompany the people during the celebration
Fr. Sisoy, SVD, one of the priests studying in University of the Philippines is helping me out on several schedules of the parishes especially on sundays and saturdays. I am really thankful for the services other priest have rendered and still doing so especially when the need arises.