Candidates Attended the Celebration of the Eucharist

The United opposition slate headed by candidate for governor along with his followers and fellow candidates of the same party asked for the celebration of the Mass for the success of their campaign and for the peaceful May election. many also attended the celebration, but the church was not full packed. They have not even been able to secure all the pews of the Church.

Some have asked me if it is possible to hold a Eucharistic Celebration with the success of election result in the favor of a party. Presumable the one who asked the question belongs to the contender candidate. I replied, yes, of course because anybody could ask God to be the winner of the election. I aslo told the inquirer that the other party could also offer the celebration of the Eucharist. And since it is this party that asked for prayers, I will attend to their need. However it is to God who will grant the said petition.

Going back to the celebration of the Mass. During the homily I told the faithful that in the Gospel Jesus was followed by the people and would like him to be their King. They want our Lord Jesus Christ to be their king because he made the loaves and fish multiplied. Jesus multiplied them because he is filled with pity to those who followed him for several days. Likewise, the leaders of the people should be sensitive to the needs of the people. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines have given the 10 commandments of right voting and the Archdiocese of Manila have published in the Circular letter the 6 (Six) Criteria for a choosing a good leader.
The Six Criteria For Choosing Leaders are:

* A person who loves and fears God

* One who is guided by a well-formed conscience, always sensitive to the choice of what is good

* One who lives and serves consistently with moral principles

* One who is honest, non-violent and compassionate

* A person who respects and protects the limited sources in nature and requires others to do the same

* One who is ready to sacrifice personal, party or group interest for the sake of unity, peace and the integral development of the country and the people.

During the Mass, I noticed that some of the candidates ( I am tempted to name names but out of delicadeza , I will left them nameless because I do not know are reading this Blog. If I name them, there is a window of oppurtunity to misunderstand me) arrived late although we have started 40 minutes late waiting for them. I noticed they arrived at SANCTUS and yet they received communion. I do not want to create scandal but next time I see them, I will reprimand them of doing so.