Since Aileen and Oghie gave me the cross stitch Divine Mercy image I have tried several times to visit the framing shop in Los Banos but they are closed since Monday. I have tried again today, but as usual it is closed. So I decided to go to Calamba to let it be framed. The Calamba shop was open but they do not have the necessary materials, I wished that it could be finished before Sunday so that it will coincide with the feast of the Divine Mercy. Not all what we wished for come true. However, it will be great, if it has. The frame maker will call me if the order will be finished.

I also bought a dvd writer because of my picture files. My computer is clogged with pictures data taken during the celebration of the Holy week. I have to unload or else my computer will crash.

I also to manage to study some web development and several links on this blog. I have also decided to left out some enhancement to unload the burden of loading and reloading. Some api documentation takes some time to understand before it could be used.