Good News Ministries/Parish Recollection

These are the initial numbers of people who attended the Parish recollection. The pictures speak for itself. It continually grows as the talk advance but yet it is not enough. When I asked whether it is the normal number of attendance, they said yes. There is something wrong, and it must be dealt with properly.

After the funeral Mass this afternoon, I am applying the last touches on the materials I will use for the parish recollection this evening when I stumble upon a website who is a member of the Christian webmaster. Frankly, I am amazed that there are people with dedication to proclaim the Good News to others as Catholics and preserving the faith as well as protecting it as well as other denomination from being careful on doing their websites away from harm to anybody. The author and the founder is a convert to Catholic faith. And it is clear that she really learned the catholic way. You could see it for yourself, log on Good News Ministries.
I hope that many people will follow her footstep