Lenten Reflection (Bro. Raymond Sadian)/Video Interpretation of Psalm 36/Blessing/Cemetery

I was been invited to bless in one of the subdivision in Tranca, bay, laguna. Next time I have to write down the names or at least, I will bring my mp3 recorder because, I could no longer recall their name. I think I forgot them because the supposed blessing was schedule at 10:00 and they arrived to fetched me at 10:30 in the morning. The two women besides me are the owners, both from Anos, Los Banos, Laguna.
These are cousins, they came to talk about the policy concerning the catholic cemetery. I discussed with them the existing arrangements which has been previously been acknowledged by the previous parish priest. I am just carrying it out.

Bro. Raymond Sadian is a second year theologian of Divine Word Seminary, I told him to make a reflection on lent. This is what he finished.

Lenten Reflection

"Repent and Believe", this is the invitation and message of Lent for all of us. Repent means conversion, conversion means a radical and total change of heart. It means to turn back to God totally from a sinful way of life to a life of grace and holiness. Repent also means forgiveness. We need to turn to God and ask for forgiveness. On the other hand, we also need to ask forgiveness to those whom we have sinned and to forgive those who sinned against us. How can God forgive us if we do not forgive. In this Lenten season God is calling us to repent, that is to ask for forgiveness and and to forgive.
Many people nowadays do not want to repent. According to them, they have nothing to repent because they think they are alright. They are telling to themselves that, "I'm okay, there's no problem with me, I'm fine". But it is not, spiritually we are neither fine nor alright. We are in need of a continuous process of change and development. There is always something that we need to improve and to change in ourselves. The problem is there is something in our lives which we do not want to let go. Because of our pride we do not want to repent, we resist that we need to repent and to change. Thus Lent calls us to let go of our sinfulness, our pride and turn back totally to God.
Now after we have repented, we need to believe. Believe means to hope because when you believe yo hope on someone or something even you don't see it. That is why we believe in God because we hope that there is really a God. Lent is calling us to believe and hope in a God who is loving, merciful and forgiving. We believe and hope that God will accept us despite of our sinfulness and weaknesses. In the Parable of the Prodigal Son his father patiently waits for his son to come back. When his son came back he ran and embraced his son and prepared a banquet for him. If we sinned against God we must not be afraid to go back to God again. God is waiting for our return. Such we have to believe that God will embrace us again to his loving arms and give his love for us. We just have "to let God", let God who loves us change us and make us whole again. Let God reign in our lives, in our words, thoughts, and actions.
Lent invites and calls us to repent and believe in God, such we need to let go and let God. May this Lenten Season nourish us with God's loving forgiveness and mercy. Truly I say to you, "Repent and Believe".

Here are two videos interpreting the Psalm 36. Can be a guide for reflection this Holy Monday