My Mother Turns 75

Actually, her birthday was yesterday, however because of the schedule of her sibling, we decided to make it a day after. Grace, Josie, Marybe along with their respective husbands and wives have decided to treat her with a simple celebration. I brought lechon, buko pie, and sinukmani, the rest were shared by my brother and sisters.

I brought the lechon from Laguna because the last time we had our lechon , it was not tasty at all and crispy. To be able to buy something which they will not forget, I brought it from a respected lechonista of pansol, Calamba, Laguna.

I have also to buy a car carrier to bring it to Marikina. john was furious then when I told him of my plan to buy nanny a lechon as a present simply because it will leave a stain and odor to the car. So I decided to buy a carrier. Though it was not a part of the budget. I have to find some means to buy it before the said date. We drop at Binan which is famous in installing car accessories. I was hoping to find a carrier that need not to bore a hole in the ceiling of the car. But I could not find one, so we have to buy what is available.

I also brought with me three companions from Bay, Laguna. One of them is Dr. Ligaya Quidayan who have just celebrated her 75th years several days ago.

I also bless the house of Marybe. we make it also as the venue of the birthday celebration. The house in Parang could only accomodate a handful of guest.