Jesus' Last Will

Jesus Last will
Love one another as I have loved you

Priests running for government offices is not a part of our culture as Filipinos. However, the emerging personality of Fr. Ed Panlilio is sending us some message, He is not the first priest who make this kind of decision as history have proven in the Filipino people. It is to be noted that he is the first one who will run to the highest position i.e., governorship.

Here is the collection of Videos posted in the internet by the citizenry, most likely looking for him to make a difference in society.

Political Ads of Fr. Ed Panlilio

From Filipino Community in London

Easter Sunday 2007 Motorcade

Dinner With Ed Panlilio

Among Ed is getting more supporters from big time lawyers

Ed Panlilio MTV

TV plug

Probe Team

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1: Acts 14:21-27
R: Ps 145:8-13
2: Rev 21:1-5
G: Jn 13:31-33,34-35

Posting these video this Sunday is a part of my reflection on todays' Gospel. Jesus is leaving his last will and testament to his disciples. And this is the new commandment. The commandment of loving one another as Jesus have loved us.

Why is it a new commandment? It is a new commandment not because love was not something been held in the Old Testament as the way Jews should treat one another. Surely, loving one another is one of the traits a good Jew should have. There is no question about it.

It is new because the manner should be handled. It is the way Jesus has presented us. The reference point is Jesus. What is it that is new which is also the manner that we have to follow so that we could imitate so that we could fulfill His last will. So that we could be trully become His disciples.

First, A love that bears fruit in action. True love pushes us to do something to make that act realized. It has a potent force that drives people to make a vision a reality. Sometimes, I observe some couples come to the parish office wishes to be married though the husband-to-be has no work. But if it is true Love, after the ceremony the husband really landed in a job that will support his wife and future family.

Second, A love that nothing in return, a selfless love.Today, in all the masses I celebrated, I asked the parishioners "Is it an obligation of a son or daughter to support his/her parents. Yes, it is clear that it is the obligation of the parents to support their children from their basic need until they reach an age that they themselves could live in their own. But, it is not the obligation of the children to support their parents. No children could even repay their parents for the care they receive from them. As well as, parent's love to their children is not "refundable", it is priceless and not for sale, it is selfless and unconditional. It is for the children's love to support their children and could not be obligated by someone else.

On the same way, I would like to commend all the PPCRV volunters for voluntering for this coming May 14 election. Surely, they are the model of which our present situation needs though the situation is violatile. They volunteers because they love their country and their countrymen. They will watch the electoral exercise and guard the ballot because it is the fruit that stems from their love to the country. And they are on this exercise without asking for any returns.

Now going back to Fr. Panlilio. Iam not campaigning for him. However, it is from my deep reflection that sprout that whatever might be his intentions of which I have no way of knowing, it is clear to me that he was been driven to this situation out of his love for his country and fellow men. He believes that he could do something and he is doing it right now even if a great sacrifice is to made without asking for a return.

Leaving priesthood, though not definitive, needs a lot of courage for something that is beyond one's interest. It is deep. Though some of my brother priests might not in concurrence on my opinion but listening to the videos prove otherwise.