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Playing around with one of the features of blog - aggregator, it has made me to redesign the webpage by creating a page dedicated for news, Philippine news. Though, everyday, I am subscribe to one of the daily Philippine news broadsheets and reading it every morning, I also read other news on the internet. Not all newspaper contains the same news although there are similarities among them. Sometimes, different news agencies deliver the news differently. Part of human element. I have made a page primarily for Philippine news, since I ussually read the news on the internet as part of the feature I put in one of my sites which deals on the Philippine Election 2007.

Not all Philippine news company are offering feeds. It is to be noted that the big news provider likeGMANews.tv, Inquirer and ABS-CBN are offering it. There are also regional news agencies who are using the blog systems in their web pages. It is also a tools for others who are surfing this blog to access the news in the Philippine setting. Interconnectivity is the rule of the game. I am practically trying to connect everything on this site for the easy access for me, principally, as well as for others.

I have also deleted the links on the front page for this reason to avoid duplicity. I have to clean up the surface. Or it might confuse more the readers.

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