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As this blog grows, it is important to acknowledge that as I search and use the Internet there is avast knowledge that can be attain and much resources to be used. However too loose. To much independent and has lost the significance of the interconnection. It is still up to the individual to connect all the loose end.I am trying now to connect some. Well, this is quite tedious but I could not simply rely on the automation of which it is built. Understandably that search engines have use the idea of volunteerism on such a way to built an array of communication. However, there are some dangers of watering down the quality of work. Unless they are hired.

I am starting to interconnect, aside from my other works on the level of religious sites all the Media resources that can be found in the Internet on the local level i., Philippine Settings. Sometimes we are drown by big companies that has been the land mark of the society but let us not forget that there are other contributors on the sideline which in some how or another would like to be heard and I believe they have something worthwhile to contribute. Maybe not as big as the others but still a part of the whole picture.

Practically, as we reflect on life, this is something that we should not forget. There are others not monumental as it may be too the naked eye but has been anonymous and have not been recognized but they have been an important part in our lives.

I am adding a group of links for all the media resources according to their main line of exposure. Practically it can be categorized into three a. Internet b. Print c. TV

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