Sorry for not blogging for several days. Parish works is really eating much of my time. Especially that classes starts during these days. There are some activities that I will posts later of the later date because it hindered me to do so due to loss of time. This is just to inform everybody that I am still alive.

As I have said before I manage to create several pods. Here is an addition.

If I could accumulate several videos of the diocese. I hope I could dig some from other parishioners, If some of you who might be reading this from the diocese of San Pablo, Maybe you could contribute your copy of old activities of the Diocese. I do not know if the diocese have some archived materials. I will try to asked. I am starting to make a website or blogsite in the but it seems that the traffics seems very hard. It take me a lot of time of posting one article. Maybe I will try to move on another service. Maybe Wordpress or Blogspot. I have tried the for a change. But it seems that it wil not work well. I will try posting again there.

I also made another pod on some religious and catholic materials which I called religious collection, I will just post it as a side widget. I will make this pod also available as a side widget. These posts will be updated from time to time if I have some good resources to add to.