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Why Make another San Pablo Network?
This the primary question that I am primarily confronted with making this network. I have made a network for the diocese hoping that there will be a central web site of which all the parishes and parishioners can communicate together for some information about the diocese. However, there are still some people who are aking me to enter to that network who are not priests. I have in mind before that the said network wwill cater more on the needs of the priest within the diocese. But it seemds that there are more lay who are also looking for such information. It will double my work. However, I could not let the other first netrwork deleted because it has its own purpose different from the reason I am making this though there might be duplication of work. The other network is private because there are information that is for the consumption of the priests of the diocese and not for everybody. There are communication of which there is no need to publish to the rest such as meetings of the clergy.
I hope that all the people interested in this network will also post for the information of all who will be benefited for additional information and knowledge and may help one another in strengthening one's faith.
Well, any way, wish me luck.
Description: This is the public network of the Diocese of San Pablo to differ from the private one I previously created for priests of the Diocese. This one is open to all catholics but its main profile is the diocese of San Pablo.
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    i would like to recieve updates and newsletters from your webby, also i would like to request for autobiographies of the parish priests to be featured on your blog and their pictures as well (if possible).. for future reference (for our parochial priest day celebration).. thanks.. i hope you would grant my request..

    p.s. im from the san pablo cathedral youth ministry and we were given the task to research on our parish priest ( Rev.Msgr. Mel Barcenas V.G., J.C.L ) and while browsing i stumble upon your webby which is very helpful for future references..

    you can email us at ******** ( Email deleted for privacy) it will be a great help in honoring our beloved parish priests....

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