Meeting of Episcopal District II

One of the topic discussed in our vicariate meeting is to hold a meeting for the episcopal district of the Diocese of San Pablo because of some question of which we believe is not only of concern of the vicariate but also of the other vicariate within the episcopal district II. Fr. Marvi who is the episcopal district vicar is one of the priest of the vicariate.
Here is the content of the meeting in video we have discussed not all matters that we have discussed was been filmed because, my camera was run out of battery. This post was been quite late as of the date because of transfering files from the video cam to computer could somehow tedious and requires a lot of time.
Aside from the things that were discussed in the Video, there is a work assigned to me as one of the vicariate vicar of the said episcopal district as well as the one in-charge with the lay minister of the parish. The group would like to make a set of talks for the lay ministers of the Holy Communion which will become the standard norm of the vicariate.

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