Vicarial Meeting

Place: St. Therese Parish, U.p. Los Banos, Laguna
Vicariate of Immaculate Conception
Fr. Noel Conopio
Fr. Marvi Villamir
Fr. Gomer Torres
Fr. Gabby Delfino
Fr. Jessie Somosiera, Jr
Fr. Thor Villacarlos
Fr. Diwani Cacao

Subject Matter
1. July 18: Fr. Jessie have informed the vicariate priests that all Lay ministers will have a undergoing updating on their ministry as part of the schedule undergoing formation to be held on St. Therese Parish. The topic will center on the Eucharist. The subject of Sacramentum Caritatis was finished alredy. A new topic has to be develop. Fr. Thor will choose on the subject matter.
2. July 25: Feast Day of St. James as well as the episcopal ordination of the Bishop. Everyone is invited to the Feat day of St. James at 8:00 of which the Bishop will celebrate the Mass and will hold his birthday celebration on his residence afterwards. Everybody is invited.
3. July 23: Episcopal District meeting. Due to the reorganization of the ecclesiatical offices and the realigning of the cclesiatical positions, a lot of question has risen concerning the new function of the vicariate forane. Before vicariate forane beside from the specified word as dictated by the Canon Law attends the presbyteral meeting. Some realignment have been made, one of which is that the vicariate forane can no longer attend the said meeting. A new position was put up called episcopal district representative. The episcopal district now has the duty to attend the presbyteral meeting and the vicariate forane will attend the episcopal ministry meeting. Confusion has arisen because it seems that the vicariate forane was stripped of his power. He is now a mere liutenant of the episcopal disrict vicar. He was left at the dark of what the new function awaits. Since, he can no longer attend the presbyteral meeting what material and power he will used during the meeting of the vicarite level. And since all the topic discussed on the vicarial level will no longer be reported on the higher level. What weight is the position he is holding. Since the episcopal district two vicar is present he explained that a written report will be forwarded to the bishop for reading. There is a gray area on this old position with new function. So we decided to call a district meeting this coming 23 to be held on St. Policarp Parish, Cabuyao, Laguna from 9:00-12:00 to solve this question along with several matters on the new set up of the diocese. The vicariate will host the event. The remaining money from the last recollection will be used for the said event. There is an existing fund of 4,270.00 to be used as snack and lunch for 40 priests.
August 13-17: Annual retreat of all diocesean priest to be held on Davao. An expence of 8,000 pesos is required for every participants for the fare and room of the said 5-day retreat. The amount must be submitted before the said event. Fr. Thor Villacarlos expresssed that he could not come because of conflict of schedule with the youth ministry activities.
There are some confiential matters discussed of which I could not divulge here. If time permits and the sensetivity of the subject is not such as the moment, it will be printed here in due time.
As the new vicariate forane, I will contact Fr. Wanny to inform him of the said activities and to clarify why he was not been able to attend.

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