Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

It was been along time since I signed up with mybloglog but it is only now that I was able to verify my site.This was been running for years but I forgot to verify it. I was been reminded that there a lot also of the sites in the mybloglog that was not verified. i am not sure if what good can it add since I am getting all the features even it was not verified. maybe I need more time to read on this matter.
My bloglog says:
As an owner of community on MyBlogLog, the Verified check mark is like a "seal of approval." This shows anyone who looks at your MyBlogLog community page that the owner of the site has an active hand in the management of the community page.
The verified checkmark on a community page is an indicator that the community owner has completed the verification process. Verification can only be done by authors and co-authors of a MyBlogLog community. Community pages that have been verified will flagged as such in our database and this flag will be used in the future to provide more visability and other special mojo powers.

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